Tootling Northumberland.

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    Cheating really, but came up in the Yeti and stayed in a static at the Waren Mill Park near Bamburgh Castle. Fabulous scenery and friendly atmosphere.
    Did the regular sites, Castle, Holy Island ( was swarming) so drove back towards the Cheviots and visited Etal Castle and the working mill in Heatherslaw. Fascinating stuff. They use wooden gear teeth onto the metal to avoid sparks that could ignite the airborn cellulose from the grinding of the grain.
    Visited Chillingham Castle with it's garden and the dungeon of torture.
    Next day shot up to Edinburgh popping into Eyemouth on the way to get some scallops for tea.
    Edinburgh wasn't too busy, somehow I managed to get the Yeti onto the Royal Mile amongst the very cosmopolitan hordes of sightseers.A quick left turn luckily got me onto a side street and out of harms way.
    Home the next day and stopped off at Alnwick to visit Gardens and Castle.
    Just chilling now with impressions of our lovely fair land. 20230705_113653.jpg 20230706_120721.jpg IMG-20230705-WA0000.jpg 20230706_142128.jpg IMG-20230708-WA0001.jpg
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    Looks lovely
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