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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by RuthieRoo, May 9, 2022.

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    Yes, take someone off here with you - there are plenty of folk with vasts amounts of knowledge on these old vehicles & I am safe to say, not only would good advice be given, they would also spot a lemon too.
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  2. Looks nice from the pics, take the window out and sort that. The seam might be from a previous knock maybe. Get in all dynaxed, pumped in the cills etc, in the bottom of the doors, tailgate stop it declining quickly in the uk.
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  3. I also have a couple of photos of the engine, forgot to post before. Might not be close up enough, but if you spot anything here please let me know, would appreciate your thoughts, thank you ED719FAF-2C7B-43EE-9C53-B9BCF24DAC04.jpeg ED719FAF-2C7B-43EE-9C53-B9BCF24DAC04.jpeg F8837E76-AE6A-4CA2-B4F5-E231B1F7D0DA.jpeg
  4. Certainly one very obvious omission. No one appears to have sprayed the gearbox gold.

    I believe some on here might recommend relocating that fuel filter in the future.
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    The alternator seal ring is missing and it looks like the fuel tank breathers (yellow tube at the top of the engine bay) may be joined together instead of connected with a ‘T’ to the air filter as it should be.

    As others have said, get rid of that horrible single carb as soon as you can.
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  6. There’s meant to be a fan mounted at the top of the engine compartment that helps blow heat through to the cabin- seems to be missing? It doesn’t make *that* much difference, but if you’re going to run without one then I believe you should be blocking off the holes where it would have fed into the top of the heat exchangers (through the holes in the tins).
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  7. Thank you @rustbucket @77 Westy and @rob.e

    I’m not familiar at all with engines so thank you. Couple of questions- will it be okay to drive away without these changes? And is there a post on here that recommends good garages/mechanics for air cooled?

    The seller said himself that he’s been taking it to a garage in Rickmansworth but he doesn’t think they really know about these kind of engines.

    I’d like to take it to someone who does!
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    @RuthieRoo Finding anyone with experience with VW air-cooled engines could be a challenge and there are even fewer with experience of the (superior) Type 4 engine.

    The only thing I’d check/change before driving away is the fuel tank breather, it might be connected but I can’t see from the pic. Is there an open pipe top right?

    Many buses have the alternator seal missing, apparently without any issues but hot air is leaking into the engine cooling fan and it should be fitted.

    The heater fan that should be above the engine really only helps flow at very low engine revs – in a traffic jam for instance – it’s worth having but it’s not essential. As Rob says the holes in the heat exchangers in the exhaust should be blocked off if the fan is missing.

    A fuel filter in the engine bay might not be ideal but at least you can see it.

    The single carb will work, it will never work well but you might find it is good enough and you can live with its failings.
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  9. yes its fine to drive like that, just that you won't get much in the way of heating. seller will probably say something glib like heating is always rubbish in a bay anyway, but if you take the time to replace the parts that should be there and plug any holes then a bay can be toasty warm. doesnt' need a mechanic tbh, just basic stuff.

    R3 Garage Services | Surrey | Aircooled & Classic VW Specialists i've used this chap, very good, is that close to you?
  10. I’d check/have checked the leisure installations. Gas & electrics.

    I knew no better but soon discovered my van was deadly in every way possible (except maybe by drowning…unless the brakes, which were the wrong way round, landed me in the Thames! ). This despite the seller claiming he had the van ready to drive his children to Morocco in. They’d not have made it Maidstone!

    Gas, 240v installations and even 12v wiring has to be done safely.

    There are regulations to follow for such things. Some are blasé about them but if you intend to spend a lot of time in the van then it’s worth being safe.

    All these things can be done, but it soon adds up to a lot of additional expense, even if undertaking them yourself.
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  11. Thanks @77 Westy. V helpful info. I’m going to go for a second viewing on Sunday and razzyh from the forum is very kindly going to come and have a look with me. I’ll ask him to help
    me check the fuel tank breather
  12. Thanks @rob.e, that’s reassuring to know. I’m in East London, but happy to travel to a good place, so thanks for recommendation. I’ve been reading through the thread about where to go for an MOT and someone recommended Station Garage in Bishop Stortford…that’s only 40 mins from me, so far the closest one to me that I’ve seen recommended on here.

  13. Thanks @PanZer and oh gosh re Morocco! I hope to learn as much as I can as I go along, but yes, at the beginning I will need to pay others to do those checks I think.
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    Anything you want a second opinion on, ask Ray to check he knows what to look for so you are in safe hands with him. :)
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    And Panzer makes a good point about the often overlooked camping kit @RuthieRoo .
    Again, Rays been around long enough to know what stuff costs to get done.
    So to that end, get a demo of all the kit. It's not a deal breaker if the water tank leaks or the underslung propane tank has never been overhauled/replaced in 40 years, but there will be cost associated with putting it all right.
    You'll easy do a grand on LPG, water and electrics.
    There's a lot of make-do-and-mend on these vehicles, which is fair enough but it becomes a bit more mind focussing if you have to pay to get stuff done on top of the component cost.

    It's got a rather ugly 230 socket in it we can see, but it also retains the old 110v US kit which quite frankly isn't up to modern Euro safety standards.

    There's a techenders in September and before that a meeting up in the Cotswolds. If you do decide that the bus is for you after the check and road test then it may be worth having a relaxed and chilled review of stuff in a field of like minded fools before you go diving in.

    We've all been there and you aren't alone on your journey...:thumbsup:
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    Westside vw , in woodford
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  17. oh amazing, thanks @Adrian1975 thats’s just 20 mins drive from me.
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  18. Thank you @theBusmonkey Already feeling like I’m not alone. Appreciating all the support.

    A relaxed review in a field sounds just what I need! How would I find out more about Cotswolds meet and techenders?
  19. thank you @MorkC68. Very glad that Ray will be there!
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  20. Ha ha, looking forward to meeting all you like minded fools one day!
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