Volksworld 2023

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    Volksworld 2023 is on Saturday, 18 March 2023.

    It's my local event and the season opener so I will be going.

    If anyone else is interested, please say below, but please, let's not have a mile long thread about how you don't like it any more and wont be going. That's been covered already.

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  2. davidoft

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  3. scrooge95

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    I'm interested.
    It's a chance to camp in March and have a bit of a social... what's not to like?
  4. It`s just up the road so i`ll probably pop in but definitely NOT lining up :rolleyes:

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  5. ginger ninja

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    Already got my weekend camping ticket? I go every year with my daughter, and a mate who has a t6 and his kids.
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  6. Jack Tatty

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    I don’t like it anymore and I won’t be going .

    I’ve never been mind …
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  7. I enjoyed it last year, the weather was fabulous :)
  8. stirlingmoz

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    I’ll be there ;)

  9. mikedjames

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    I think I will try to be there. Either camping or day tripping up from Southampton, depends on what happens.

    Being in the lineup became miserable when everybody else couldnt be bothered to go in on the Sunday because the show had got so much smaller there was time to go round it all easily in one day. Maybe it will pick up again in the future but I want to see it first before committing .
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  10. As long as you just want to do the show itself and don't want to see what's turned up in the public car on each day (and there is often some great stuff parked up and not in the show proper) then it hasn't changed, Mike. A day is enough to do it all.
  11. May go but will be travelling back from the ninove cruise on the Monday will drive past it on way home then see if I go back down on the weekend again shall see closer time

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  12. Maybe , as I’m local

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