Was it better before we had mobile phones and computers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jun 10, 2024.

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    Companies who go bust, and/or are forced by circumstances outside their control to stop supporting your platform.

    I just bought a Blu-Ray writer that can write expensive 100GB archive disks that are predicted to last over 1000 years. But the machines that read it wont last.. its a replacement for a drive I bought in 2010..

    Usual writable CDs and DVDs. 10 to 20 years, less for the very first CD-Rs...
    Magnetic media like hard drives left off- line begins to degrade after a couple of years, core memory like Voyager 50-100 years powered off. If its read and rewritten periodically it could last much longer.

    Preserving data takes work.. and costs.. my estimate for my data is maybe £500 a year..
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    So it is a cloud ….ephemeral .:)
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    The fun of having a 40+ year old vehicle that you can sleep, or spend a day out in, is that you can get 'off grid' for as short or long as period of time as you wish! I love getting away from it all in Demelza! but we do have the luxury of being close to parts of Cornwall that are so far out that there is no digital signal!
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    Err ..
    I think this lot might be to blame too.
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    And sometimes it yellow snows on you.
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  6. Loved going to france in the early days, no breakdown cover, no mobile, if we broke down we would stay wherever untill i fixed it

    Still don't have breakdown cover, never considered it...

    Btw kids now tell me what's wrong with the vehicles, with help from their phones, generation know it all

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    It’s good that you don’t have to waste brain space remembering stuff, when you can Google it.

    I left school in 84 just as computers were introduced. Although, my bro did buy a Commodore 64 to mess around on. Waiting for it to load, took a while, especially Strip Poker and ghostbusters.
    Online gaming is a good thing, as my kids have someone to play with when it’s constantly raining.
    Mobile phones ARE good things, but again, it just depends how you use them.
    People our age and older, also seem to forget what a tough time teens etc had, in the ‘Covid years’. Especially the ones that had birthdays like 16 and 18, or the ones that should have had their ‘prom’ leaving do’s. They missed out on very important times, unlike us, when we were probably down the pub/club, etc.
    They spent it online, with their mates, when the idiots in power said we couldn’t meet. I think the downside though has to be online shopping. Most towns now are ghost towns with no proper shops anymore.
    Some of the apps on phones can be pretty handy, mind. I’ve used the compass more than once on Dartmoor, just to see how good it is. It’s pretty good, but always take my real Silva one.
    I’m fascinated by today’s tech, tbh.
    It’s getting like Star Trek.
    Also, computers and tech in medical science is pretty groundbreaker, too.
    Yes, computers has its negatives, too, but so has everything, hasn’t it? We all loved smoking and asbestos when it was new…

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