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  1. Now you've got me thinking...

    We've got a bidet, but it's used mostly for socks.
  2. Realised that in my haste I'd forgotten to describe how the whole thing works avec relay 99.

    - washers: push the washer button and they squirt but the wipers fire up at the same time and continue for several strokes after you've finished washing. If you're quick on the button you can use it to trigger a single wipe stroke.
    - intermittent: flip the switch, and wipers run intermittently with the delay that was previously set. Turn intermittent off, wait for the desired period, then turn it on again. The relay unit remembers the length of the pause until you change it again.

    The stock wiper switch overrides intermittent operation.
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    my van should have intermittent as standard but it doesn't work and i've never got that far down my to do list.
  4. Are you sure? Mine doesn't
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    champagnes do. it even says it on the wipe stalk
  6. Ah yes I forgot you had a posher than posh superior champagne variant westy LOL
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  7. You may have a spare position on the switch that does nothing. Mine's got one.
  8. Come on Snotty....put a kit together with nailed on instructions, relay, switch and terminals etc...figure out a realistic price and fly a kite on Ebay....you could be rich beyond your wildest dreams.....or have a spare kit to flog on here:thumbsup:
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  9. I doubt if I'd be driving a Porsche on the strength of wiper delay kits ;).
  10. Belated update. Had the column shroud off a while back to change the ignition switch, so thought I'd try to finish the job.

    Stock squisher valve removed, and replaced with a cut-down C&K pushbutton (made in the USA - how times change). Electric pump now squirts when you pull the lever up. Any small pushbutton will do, but take care widening the hole in the nylon moulding out - it's very thin.

    C&K washer switch 6s.jpg

    Was going to put another brass contact into the wiper switch for intermittent, but that would've involved taking the thing to pieces. OEM switches like hens' teeth, so stuck with separate switch. If you're looking for a switch that matches your 70s dash, Hella still make them - p/n 6EG 001 567 041. Nice rubbery toggle for your tactile pleasure. Only a fiver.


    hella toggle 6s.jpg
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