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  1. Well, we arrived back home last night at about 10 o'clock and under our own steam!

    Wilma did us proud and chugged along with dignity around the windy roads of Cornwall, the motorways of Britain and the god awful hell hole of the A30 on a Saturday afternoon.

    We set off bright and breezy sometime in late July (I'm on holiday can't keep track of days) and left the sunny lanes of Liverpool to brave the M6.

    We landed (exhausted) at bridstowe late in the afternoon and had a well deserved stop at a lovely pub with a campsite. It was basic but at £8 a night it was worth it.


    Then to sunny Cornwall and the little haven that is Mawgan Porth. We love it here and the beach is gorgeous. We saw some spectacular sunsets and dog was in her element.



    Birdy and Jo popped over for a visit


    and we had some lunch, although I do have a feeling that they hadn't eaten in a while as the food was enough to feed the campsite and it all went in a flash!

    Jo cooking chicken - I'll let her add the story to the embarrassing moments thread


    "Julie do you think we've got enough to drink?", "Add some more you know what those two are like"


    Then we had a lovely stroll on the beach, "Hitch your skirt up love, you don't want your knickers getting wet"


    Then the following week we had a series of wierd happenings, we saw Woody and Nic going the opposite way on the A30, did a double take and phones them (the way you do) and said, Was that you? It was.

    Then a few days later we saw Magical Trev, Shell and the trevlets bombing passed, again in the opposite direction on their way to Harlyn Bay to meet up with Jo (she gets around that girl :) ). So we did the descent thing and phoned Jo and told her to pop the kettle on.

    We met up with them later that week,


    spot mini Vw Olive, she's somewhere in the water!

    Puca playing tug of war with a trevlet, the dog won!

    And after a lovely day we set off back home, the lanes are soooo dark round there at night but Wilma's trusty fog lamps did us proud!

    We 'did' Boardmasters Surf/skate/BMX festival at Newquay


    Puca enjoyed the sunshine and barked like mad everytime anyone clapped or cheered.

    We had tickets to the beach sessions but were too knackered to go so kindly gave them to friends only to find out the next day they had endured acoustic thrash metal (I know that sounds too freaky to make sense but they played sweetly to acoustic guitars and screamed at the same time!

    Julie's sister and family joined us for the final week and we found ourselves doing things that we wouldn't have thought of doing, such as Bodmin Jail. Lily Savage the psychic chihuahua gave us all the willies as she stared at walls and growled, Puca was unimpressed and went on strike refussing to walk and was carried by nearly everybody. She was then put in the stocks for being a mardyarse. She was pelted with kisses.


    more to come unless you plead with us to stop
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    Great post wilmas. Looks like you had a great time, sorry you had to meet up with Birdy though.
  3. Welcome back girls
  4. If you're of a nervous disposition look away now


    copyright 2011 Lily Savage psychic chihuahua to the stars
  5. hailfrank

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    another 786 pics please if you want to be like chrisradioman :lol:
  6. Welcome back, lovin the pics and story they tell
  7. Terrordales

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    Welcome home ladies.
    Loving the photos & the story, please continue.
  8. Woodylubber

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    welcome back girls 8) you do know your new names dont yer ;D
  9. A day spent in Port Isaac. We watched the Fisherman's Friends perform on the Platt (harbour front) too. They put on, in their own words, "a frollicking, bollocking, bawdy show". Bloody brilliant and they perform for free every Friday from 8pm throughout August

    Can you see Doc Martin's house? Can you?

    Collecting wood for the fire-pit

    Puca helping herself to my wood pile...grrrrrr...not once, but twice...grrrrrr


    Just when we thought Puca could stoop no lower, we turn around and catch her on top of the table about to scramble onto the wardrobe in search of god-knows-what-her-pea-brain-thinks-is-up-there. So we took a photo, then told her off!!!! LOL
  11. -
  13. ^ ;D LOL
  14. Which day were you at Port Isaac? We were there... Oh, maybe Monday? I have completely lost track of days. It wasn't as sunny when we were there though. We saw (and parked up with) some campervans at Lands End on... (racks brains).... Tuesday or Wednesday, one of which might have been your van. We waved at every single campervan that went past on the roads. Our arms ache.
  15. Port Isaac was on Friday, but we didn't go to Lands End. You probably saw Jemima Moonpig, Magical Trevor's bus and possibly Woody Lubber's camper too. Have a look at their their threads to see if you recognise them :)
    We saw more Late Bays in Cornwall this year than ever!! 2011 is the year of the late bay in cornwall :)

    Reilly, did you drive through Mawgan Porth a couple of times? Between Newquay and Padstow on the coastal road. Sure it was your van. were you lost? hahahahahaha
  16. Birdy

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    Glad you had a good time. It was fun coming to yours on that day xx
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    Can you feel the envy vibes coming your way ??.

    looks like you had a marvellous time -- thanks for sharing ( inserts huggy smiley which is'nt there , D'ohh ).
  19. cool photos!
  20. i am soooooo jealous it looks amazing

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