Why is lamb so fatty?

Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by Zed, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Are you having a cheesey grin party :D
  2. He has one of them faces. Lol
    Is it paras stunt double?
    I heard para won't go near cheese.
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    Isn't it down to where on the animal it came from? You do hear some chefs say that some of the cheaper, more fatty cuts tend to have more flavour than very lean ones. But you can get fatty ( or should that be "marbled" ) cuts of beef. Great in a slow cook recipe :thumbsup:
  4. Is that him from macgyver?
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    Me cook ...the only thing i put in a pan is a thermostat testing it .;)
  6. Subject close to my heart. Along With cheese
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  7. No. The bloke in macgyver is called....macgyver.
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    True. :)
    To top it all I flipped my half-eaten plate of lamb chops off the table into my lap and now have fat stained "best" trousers. :mad:
    I should have had a steak. :)
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    No he's the "green card" off emmerdale farm
  10. Lamb is fatty coz its coat int thick like its mums n its bludee cold out their ya know , they dont have propex . The fattiest meats are the tastiest too :food:
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    I thought it were Tyres O'Flaherty off of Spaced?
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    Scott "not" Ian from anthrax
  13. Dont take no marmite off um @volkswombat , ive seen alot of um in real life with cheese in their hand n..............................................:eek:
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    The mountain sheep are sweeter
    But the valley sheep are fatter.
    We therefore deemed it meeter
    To carry off the latter.

    There you go. It's mountain sheep you need!
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  15. He asked about lamb...
  16. Its posts like this that result in serious body image issues amongst juvenile sheep leading to eating disorders and self esteem issues, self harming and the like. Leave poor lamby alone before they self kebab or turn to mint sauce sniffing. Its a terrible downward spiral your instigating. So do up your tie and wear a proper suit ( is that relevant to anything, as it was the other day).
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    Conventional animal husbandry and farming practices feed livestock a corn-rich diet. Ruminants evolved to eat grass, hence the four stomachs dedicated to the digestion of cellulose. When a ruminant, such as a cow, consumes corn, it's body is unable to digest it properly. It does digest it, but not all of it. Bacterial infections and bacterial fermentation usually occur in stomachs of corn-fed cattle and so they receive massive doses of antibiotics, which in turn make them gain weight due to an unknown reason. The excess introduction of a grain-diet leads the cattle to gain tremendous amounts of fat. This is why MOST farmers switched over to corn-diets. The cattle gets bigger faster and goes to market sooner = more money.

    Grass-fed cattle do have fat, this is true. But the fat is mainly in the form of a fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This fatty acid is healthy for the cattle, it's milk, and the humans who eventually consume it.

    All animals on this planet require fat. Fats are also known as lipids. Your cell membranes contain phospholipids. Besides just cells, fat is essential because almost the entire brain is made out of fat. A diet high in fat is actually beneficial and good for one's health. It was only after the "fat scare" and the demonization of fat during the 1960's-1990's that we've seen obesity rates for the obesity epidemic here in the United States skyrocket.

    So, to recap.
    1. Corn-based diets are unnatural for a ruminant
    2. Grass-fed cattle have higher amounts of CLA fatty acids (conventional cattle's CLA are almost nonexistent)
    3. Grass-fed cattle actually have less body fat than conventional cattle.They're leaner. Some farmers put the cow in the last weeks before slaughter on a corn-fed diet to make it gain more weight.
    4. Fat is good for you, in fact, a diet containing 70% of its calories derive from NATURAL (not hydrogenated or synthetic fats) prevents HIGH cholesterol, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.

    A typical conventional cow takes on average 3-6 months to reach slaughtering weight. Depending on how much corn it receives, how much hormones it's given, how much antibiotics it's ingesting, and how healthy the animal is. A grass-fed cow? 3-5 years.

    • It should also be noted that cattle farmers and scientists have teamed up to begin engineering a "super cow"—one that can handle the acidic and the load of a hard to digest corn-diet.

    If you're worried about your health from consuming these conventional products, or want the animal to have a better life, then try buying 100% grass-fed free range beef or lamb at the grocery store; it'll help the farmers who go through the trouble of keeping large amounts of land dedicated towards natural farming practices and allows
    the cattle to eat grass (the way nature intended).

    I googled for you dear.
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    oooh, lovely. You should try Tom Kerridges slow roasted lamb with pommes boulangere. Its bloody lovely n no mistake.

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