Wild Camp Weekend 1.-3. September - Norway

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  1. Just one hour north of Oslo, to Minnesund and then 15 minutes on gravel roads. No cell reception, no services, no electric power, no running water, but two outhouse (clean and nice!) sandy beach with ice cold bathing and 30 year old (or more) VW´s. "Masterchef-contest" - here the guests make the entertainment themselves. A small low cost concept in the woods of Norway, with nice prizes and trophies! Dog and family friendly! Cano/ Kayak/ Fishing/ Bonfire and lots of new friends! 21457631_1341710532608383_3701022575060823056_o.jpg 296201609_475104214618959_292806956123157831_n.jpg 308673662_521362203326493_5672219868589897528_n.jpg 70364700_2265198123592948_4614058000015949824_n.jpg
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    Is there another way to get info on this without using Facebook?
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    Interesting! Looks and sounds like this needs to go on the bucket list

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  4. Just follow us at facebook, all info you may need will appear there!
  5. Some more pics from Wild Camp Weekend

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