Woodhall Country Park.Woodhall Spa.

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  1. Just spent a lovely weekend at a campsite close to Woodhall Spa.

    10 mins safe walk to the village.Toilets and showers all clean and warm.Staff very helpful.Electric etc if required.Only took one photo as I am rubbish like that.

    Village has a lot of shops and places to eat.We had an Indian which was okay,not upto where we would go in Leics.Though the cheeky buggers kept the change.We were leaving it as a tip anyway but just thought this is a bit out of order.

    There is a massive park down the road.Jubilee Park.Looked good if the weather is okay.

    Overall a great place to camp and we would go again.

    Camp Kirk.

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  2. Is the outdoor pool still there?

    Did you go in and turn blue?
  3. @Markpc Yes the outdoor pool is still there.I didn't go in as my 'willy' doesn't like the cold :D

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