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Discussion in 'England' started by Geordie, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. I was supposed to go camping at Easter but my son became ill nothing serious thank god.
    So on Good Friday we decided to go out for the day my wife said lets go to buxton. its several years since I've been so why not. So we took the fourth member of our family the bus off-course for the day.
    I was blown away by the beauty of buxton, the town is stunning and great to see arts and crafts movement is well and truly alive and kicking.

    We decided to go to Castelton from there and OMG i was blown away for there too.
    on the way home we drove up through the mountain (first gear) i didn't take and pictures because i was so stunned by what i was seeing and new then I'm coming back very Soon.

    What Pics i have will never do it justice.

    But i have found a great camp-site three miles away from buxton,that has everything you need for a great stay electric, fires allowed, breakfast if you want, no extra charge for awnings, dogs and so on.

    would like very much so to see if anyone would be interested this summer in going. Geordie.
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  2. sANDYbAY

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    It's a beautiful part of the country, we've been up there a few times with our bus and always had a good time. Stick your photo's up for us to enjoy and you could even put a link to the campsite.
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  3. My parents live up that way. I love it up there.

    Would be interested to know the campsites as I'd like to go back up there in the summer.
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  4. It's lovely about 10 days a year, the rest of the time it's wind ,rain , snow, but when it's nice it's a great area.
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  5. Buxton [​IMG]
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  6. [​IMG]
    Main Park
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  7. [​IMG]
    Found this bus in Hope Village
  8. [​IMG]
    Nice little HQ pub in the village of Hope.
  9. There are lots of campsites although I've not been so cannot comment there is that i like to look off, Bank House Farm in Flagg, Buxton there on most campsite website
    however not sure if there open yet this year.
  10. When I'm back on the road I'd love to camp round there, use to do edale and bake well quite a bit 7 years ago or so
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  11. Yer Dave lets do it.
  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I'd be up for that, one of my fav areas.
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  13. Merlin Cat

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    That sounds good. We've been to a camp site in Hope a few times - Hardhurst Farm. It's got some hook up and caravans but also lots of tents as used by hikers and climbers. We went there for my 50th :). Not allowed fires tho.
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  14. Let me know I live in Buxton plenty of great places would be good to merge up
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  15. Great how do you sent up a list on hear zedder
  16. bernjb56

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    It's our area - Hayfield is one of our favorite sites. Great walks from there and good pubs. We'd be up for anything in the area - still need to get up Kinder @zedders :)
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  17. Merlin Cat

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    Where is Hayfield Bern? I've not heard of it.
  18. MorkC68

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    Our area too, we love it around the Peak District :D we'd love to meet up with everyone!
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  19. Pudelwagen

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    Northern bus meet? Even though it's south for us!
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  20. bernjb56

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    It's south of Glossop and east of New Mills. I prefer to go up Kinder Scout from Hayfield than do it from Edale. The camp site is right next to the plaque commemorating the Mass Trespass for the right to roam and it's a nice starting point for a really good stroll up to Kinder Downfall.
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