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  1. image.jpg We will be spending the day on this beach tommorow,its called Sandskogen ( sand forest).
    Its a kilometre out of Ystad which is famous for the "wallander" novels/films.
    We will wild camp in the forest overnight with no electricity.
    Forecast for the weather is 19 deg,bit disapointing because we have recently had 25 to 30.
    I will add more pics of us set up for the night.
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    Google Sandskogen,Sweden and look at the images.
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  3. Coming to the busfest in Telemark ?
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    wow that looks a great location, pop more pics up after your adventure :D
  5. I'd love to get my bus to Sweden.
  6. Unfortunately I will be working but maybe next year?
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  9. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    I have been to these beaches in the summer and they get so crowded its hard to find a place!
  10. It looks a lovely place, but I bet the water Bl#$dy cold!
  11. Very cold! Maybe 10 to 15! Late summer it gets up to 20,the seawater has the same PH as your tears so you can swim with your eyes open.

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