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  1. Hi, I am in the process of fitting the curtains to my van and have two very long curtains which are for the front windows, to meet in the middle of the front screen. My questions is where does everybody else put the bunch of material when the curtains are open and the van being driven? Is the whole mass at the side/rear of the drivers and passenger seats or is it bunched by the A pillars?
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    Tie backs just behind the seat belt mounts
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  3. I have a strap behind the front seat and passenger seat on a pillar that i can tie around them and tuck them behind seat they are quite bulky as mine are lined too but not in way for vision , seat belt comes around them .
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  4. That was one of the reasons I fixed a curtain on popper studs across the walk-through and behind the front seats instead.

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  5. Tie backs behind seatbelt as flakey says. Then the others spaced out back and middle.[​IMG]

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  6. Cheers guys I have the poppered tie backs so behind the seats it is then, just had a thought that they would be huge and bulky.
  7. [​IMG]

    I tried it with Velcro first and it was pants, so put poppers on to tabs and screwed a line of studs just behind the light, which lines up with the A-pillars.
    The curtain has a long section in the centre to cover the gap between the sink and wardrobe.


    It was a bit of an experiment but it works for me and is a lot less faff than the old westfalia curtain around the cab.

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  8. We have something similar to this that’s on one of those expanding curtain rails that we use if it’s really cold when driving aswell and to get cab warmed up it has a Velcro hole in it so can see through with rear view mirror when driving. :thumbsup:
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  9. I like that idea, if it was soundproof as well I could forget the kids are in the back !!
  10. I decided to get rid of my front window curtains as they let in too much light. bought one of these instead. Perfect black out and easy to fit at the end of the day. IMG_9412.JPG
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    I’ve got behind the seats curtains too. It makes the back seem lovely and cozy at night :)
  12. Likewise I found putting the Westy front curtain up too much of a faff. This is much easier.
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  13. I made a screen cover like @75swampy has, the curtains were too bulky..
  14. another plus is no one can see your crack thru the crack in the curtains when you are changing , using the sceeen cover makes things a lot more private ;)
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  15. Only down side to an external screen cover is what to do with it when you take it off when it's wet.
  16. ...and if people really want to see your crack they can lift the cover off :eek:
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  17. :TTIWWP:
  18. 30450691552_052d2debe9.jpg just for your needs
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  19. You can’t beat a bit of back door curtains and I’m not putting pictures on because I will stay on the list permanently or quite possibly banned.......for life
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  20. Yes also a faff to fit if it’s raining or blowing a gale , curtains are easy you just pullum !
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