Front window curtains

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  1. I shake mine out.. or throw it with the wet awning on the roofrack.
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  2. I like it but, I have a full head liner so more difficult to do.
  3. It's a pretty good quick dry material, quick shake after use and leave it out the bag for a bit and it's dry.
    I live in Scotland so it's usually not windy or wet. :D
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  4. Just use a windscreen sunshade held in place with the sun visors and the rear view mirror.. About £2.59 @ £world.
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  5. All my curtains have velcro down the edges so there is no crack when they are closed and velcroed together.
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  6. Great idea !
  7. I might steal that too.
  8. I like the behind the seats/across the middle idea. What's the best way to fix them up if you have a standard full headlining?
  9. I use expandable curtain rail between the a posts , easy to remove if you don’t want ,then I roll curtain on it and fit in bunk holder .
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  10. Thanks Barney. Can you show me a pic of what that looks like or a link to the rail please.
  11. Not able to get a pic at mo A’s bus in hiding fraid , their used to be one on here but I think photo frucket gobbled it up ? I’ll see if I can find the pole I used ,if I can ,I think dunelm do them , some people use them for shower curtains and bathroom windows . :thumbsup:
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  12. Can’t find actual ones I used but if you go to ebay spring loaded shower curtain poles I think they are their about 3 or 4 quids ?
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  13. Thanks. I was being thick. I know what you mean now. I'd like to try to fill the gap to the roof if possible. Anyone done this?
  14. Actually ours has pop top older 73 bellows type so roof is lower to cab , I’m sure know one will peek over the top :D
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  15. Not my idea. They are original Devon curtains.

    When will you people realise that Devon conversions are the best!
  16. Are you sure too good an idea to come from the West Country ;)
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  17. My original Devon curtains are like that, I'm surprised not all new curtains come with the same.
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  18. Perhaps a Yorkshireman emigrated to Sidmouth.:)
  19. They sure are a great design, even Westfalia copied the basic layout, shame the quality went down hill.

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