Full respray (finally)

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  1. Fitted all new door and window seals to mine last year. Some window seals were JK's cheap ones and some were genuine VW ones. The JK ones are already cracking up and blistering but the VW ones are still as new.
    I also fitted the best grey door seals and had no problems.
  2. Yes talk to them!
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  3. Small update:

    Camper has been stripped! bare metal respray so it is bare.
    The doors,sliding door,front bumper (rear is),bumper brackets etc. and tailgate go to blasting tomorrow,will show pics of that when done.
    All that I need to do is remove the motor,some seals will be changed and will ft a 123 ignition kit and the central airbox for IDF's from CSP (I know its expensive but seeing as Im spending so much it i worth it).

    I spoke to Hayburner and they wan pics of when its done!
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  4. Speaking of pics @Clive Neilands

    Bus Junkies posted a superb picture of your bus in Southern Sweden (on Facebook), looked great :)
  5. The one in the forest at night im guessing?
  6. I thought Hayburner only wanted pics of buses with narrowed beams, 'Smart' car tyres, notched chassis and lowered until the bumpers scrape.
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  7. Yes that's the one, looked really nice too :D
  8. You should pick up a copy, You might me pleasantly surprised ;)
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  9. Hi Ned, I have picked up a few copies, although not recently, that’s why I said I ‘thought’. Last time I looked everything was bumper scraping low and I’m pleased to hear I might be surprised to see something a little different, but have a look at your current home page- http://www.hayburner.co.uk/ :)
    By the way I’m certainly not criticising, you give what the people want.
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  10. I had no idea you were a member here! doors went off to the blaster today.....btw
  11. I try my best to keep an eye on whats happening :)
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  12. Poptop2

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    Welcome to the forum. You could start a introduce yourself thread ;)

  13. I know how you all like pics so here are a few of the operations here in Sweden,I have been a bit delayed because of snow and very cold conditions,my garage has underfloor heating so its a good place to work..... I am currently out of work so spend my days working on the project.
    Plan is to get it ready for the summer.

    Pic of it on ramps getting it ready for removing the motor.
    Motor out! Not much to do,just replace some seals and fit 123 ignition or something similiar,any comments or advice?
    I will also fit the CSP airbox system for IDF'S.(will be on dry bread and water for that month)
    Parts collecting up,lots of quality stuff from Alan Schofield and VWHERITAGE.
    Top has also been removed and stripped,new tent and Gowesty stainless luggage clips ordered.
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  14. In case you missed it here are some pics of fitting tin and carbs etc. after getting the motor back from JPM.(specs in signature)

    Tinware glass-blasted and powder coated.
    Motor after picking it up from JPM.
    Assembling tinware carbs etc..
    Brand new Webers...not Chinese copies.
    Priming motor using JPM's primer system.
    Getting there.
    Almost done.

    Python exhaust waiting for fitting,spent alot of time looking at this piece of art..
  15. Slow progress because its -7 and blowing its udders off,cant grind off old paint in the garage because it will cause a dust storm....
  16. Welder started on the doors...
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  17. Been searching for paint stripper but found out that its banned in Sweden?
    Did a sneaky order from the UK...
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    What would they do to you if they stopped it at customs Clive?

    I sent some black rum to Holmsen some time ago and they just sent it back at customs for some reason. I know that's Norway, but similar rules to Sweden.
  19. If I dont get it then I will just have to grind the paint off!
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  20. Spent the day painting the fuel tank which is in amazing condition,I also removed all glue from all window channels and under the seats in preparation for onsite blasting.
    Pics tommorow of the tank after its second coat....
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