Beryl the late bay

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Graham Gunn, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. IMG_6693.jpeg IMG_6694.jpeg IMG_6690.jpeg IMG_6818.jpeg IMG_6821.jpeg IMG_6823.jpeg IMG_6824.jpeg I started these doors as a tester for myself, just to see if I could fabricate the intricate repair sections. I can almost see light and the end of the tunnel. The photos are of what I’ve managed so far this weekend to graft back onto the door. Part of me almost wishes I’d discovered I had no chance of doing it . I have found along the way though when it starts to get frustrating walking away and moving onto something else really helps.
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  2. IMG_6731.jpeg IMG_6831.jpeg Not perfect by any stretch but I’m so pleased with this patch hopefully the others go as well IMG_6831.jpeg
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  3. Removed the deformation panel today. Quite the surprise to find more solid metal than rust behind it. A little rot to cut out and replace but considering what I’ve found everywhere else on this van I’m delighted
    IMG_7055.jpeg IMG_7056.jpeg IMG_7057.jpeg IMG_7058.jpeg

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