late T3 or early T4

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  1. So i can have a work van and not use the kombi when the full restoration is finished, should i get an early t4 a late t3. Im an electrician. Is TDI any good or should I stick to petrol. Is a t1, t2, t3 the LWB or SWB equivalent to a T4? thanks.
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  2. The least rusty of that lot will be your restored T2.
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  3. it already is. I just need to start assembling the sill and a pillar. Thanks
  4. Get a transit and have a holiday with the savings
  5. i though vw's are pretty reliable as long as the rust is not there or minimal
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  6. Get a petrol engine if you have to work in city centres, none of the Diesels are compliant with low emissions zones.
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  7. in Australia this does not matter. all new from t5 and onwards are diesel and diesel only.
  8. Merlin Cat

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    ive had 3 T4 2.5 tdi and they have all been great with no problems whilst I owned them. I only had one T25 in a 88 plate. That was a 2.1 inj and the head gasket went.
  9. Thanks, in your opinion since you have owned both before, what you'd you recommend? If i was only going of looks in side and out and style, I would get a T3
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    They all have their pros and cons, but for a work van, I would go for a T4. Avoid the non turbo 1.9 though.

    I run a 1.9td as a daily work van, and it has been 100% reliable, with acceptable mpg
  11. is the EFI less powerful under load of tools in the back
  12. I use a t3 caravels for my work van as a builder.

    it’s not the most practical thing as the inside is full of seats but I do smaller jobs so can manage.

    it’s possible to get a mixer in the boot space if you take the drum off. Many 8x4 sheets balanced over the head rests - a triple 13 ladder and a alloys Scaff tower - not all at the same time. I need a roof rack really.

    it been pretty reliable with planned work being done to it to keep it up together prObably cheaper than a transit that will eat the DPF and turbo every couple of years around town.

    MPG is bad, never calculated it. But BAD.
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  13. They are in the UK, but you stated T3 or early T4
  14. I was just saying that I don't know what happens in the uk with all new vans as approximately t5 and newer age are diesel. do they make petrol for the UK?
  15. Now I see you are in Aus so it may be different in the uk T4s carry a massive Scene tax and generally are no worse or better than the competition.
  16. No, but the Diesels have to comply with Euro 5 or 6 emissions. Older Diesels are banned from some city centres unless you pay a penalty charge.
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    ive run all sorts , t3 , t4 t5 t2, mostly older cars until recently because i fixed a cheap car and havent sold it yet.

    i would say there not much between a late t3 and an early t4, i would say theres probably more spares available for a t3, i like the 1600 turbo diesel t3, goes well good on fuel and pretty bullet proof, early t4s are ultra reliable but i would say probably more prone to rust that the t3, the t3 is probably marginally slower and maybe a little less speedy loaded up, but id got t3 :D
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    T3 with a T4 diesel engine...;)
  19. how do you get a 1600 turbo diesel in a t3?
  20. davidoft

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    vw did it for me :D
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