Looking a bit sketchy for Sandown

Discussion in 'Shows Events You've Missed unless you went' started by ginger ninja, Mar 14, 2023.

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    That is sad.

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    Indeed, very sad
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    Sad and also very poor on the part of ADD media.
  5. Zed

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    Or Jazz Publishing, facing loosing money honouring their subscriptions hands it it to ADD who have the guts to do the dirty folding it up, then whines - it wasn't me!

    These specialist mags are a larf, A friend of mine did advertising for one "group". It was a bloke at home on his own publishing about 50 titles!
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    indeed, not many folks sell a good business with zero issues , just heard Hayburner are having to charge for their magazines now , unfortunately times have moved on and you can see thousands of images of cars etc without waiting a month for a magazine
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    yep camper and bus has merged into something else. Camper and Commercial is no more , Hayburner can't say I'm really a fan but I do like Air-Style mag this going from strength to strength , David Eccles from C & C mag is a contributor i like the mag cause of its mixture of styles ie stock and custom https://www.air-style.co.uk/
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  8. Probably because most people saw you first ....:rolleyes:

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  10. But fair... :D
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  11. Kruger

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    I was there early on Saturday morning with the VIP’s but planned it as a quick look around, and collect some beetle bits I’d ordered, as had just come off a night shift, and was back in Saturday night, so was needing some sleep.
    Didn’t see anyone from here but caught up with some of the Herts VW people I know.

    Definately not as busy last time I’d visited about 10 years ago - only memorable because of the prolonged noise from Vision Tech Beats, ffs Would much rather listen to voiceover man!
    Previously remember there being more clubs/cars outside and also more traders upstairs.
    Would’ve like to stay a bit longer to have a proper mooch about, but I needed to get home and left about 1.

    I liked the proper show cars displayed though, and appreciate what can be achieved ultimately if you’ve got lots of time, plenty of money, mental illness or a mix of the 3, It takes some dedication/ocd’ness to get them to that level…… see a guy outside drying down his Ghia, whilst it was raining/drizzling.

    Some nice cars/paintwork there :thumbsup:

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