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  1. Yeah that online m plate decoder is wrong as the colour is actually Bali Yellow, interior is blue / green and a one year only colour from what I understand. Have pm'd you to see some more pics of yours but mine was made one month after yours and I got historic tax OK
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    I think they have. Attached is a current HM Revenue & Customs publication. It's quite specific about the rolling 40 year exemption but it seems to muddy the waters as it says 'From the 1 April 2015, vehicles constructed 40 years ago will be added to the scope of the exemption' ; mine was constructed on 9/1/1975 so by 1/4/2015 it will be 40 years old and so according to HMRC should be included?

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  3. Just seen this thread and went out and had a butchers....Typed the number in and....... Gosh.... Quite surprised in the results that came back!

    Cheers @poptop2 for sticking this up, makes sense in a hole in the history I had with the bus....spot on! Thank you
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  4. Would anyone be able to help with mine it doesn't seem to have enough numbers for the de coder?
  5. Here is the plate from behind the passenger seat [​IMG]
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    ^ there you go
  8. That's fantastic thanks so much. Wonder what I was doing wrong?
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    You probably didn’t put 2 before the chassis number.:thumbsup:
  10. My bus of 1978 Italian destination in the third line M-plate after codes PPPPUU (paint and interior) have the group code KL3 ... what optional corresponds?
    Thanks for your help
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    It means ' export' in parts ckd ( complete knock down) it was destined for Kenya. And assembled by a British Leyland subsidiary.
  12. thank for the response, in the M-plate is indicated destination JV (Italy-Verona) ... Kenya I understand both initials KE ...
    KL3 I think it's a bunch of options ...
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    I think they all went to Verona first.

    Credo che tutti i veicoli destinati per l'Africa è andato a Verona prima.
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    If your vehicle was destined for Italy and staying. I think the mM code was JV.
  15. .. In fact, it is indicated JV last row, KL3 instead is written on the third where we indicate the optional MMM...
    (I do not have a photo now ...)
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    Si può chiedere il sig Molenari


  17. Is there anyway of finding out the Mpate codes when you only have the chassis number?

    My passenger bulkhead was removed, when swivel chair installed
  18. Well worth doing as I argued with DVLA that my bus was a 1975 having checked the m plate even though it was first registered in 1976 on the V5.A birth certificate confirmed this for them (DVLA) and a refund in the post aswell as an amended V5 showing historic vehicle.
  19. Wow. Mine was had to get to for a photo. Apparently it was originally white, hadn't moved far from when we bought it and planned production date of 2 Dec 1977. So it isn't much over 39 years old..
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    I think the chassis plate has a lot of info,but isn't directly linked to the m plate. The m plate just has production details, date of planned manufacture, colour code, extras, destination etc. While the chassis code is vehicle id and type. I think zed knows a bit more about chassis numbers.
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