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  1. Would they fit my headlamps? it'd be like an:thinking: eyebrow and eyelash combo?

    If I just bought the one and reprayed my bus White, with a black poptop, it'd be a bit like Kubrik's 'Clockwork orange'....I could call him Alex....
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  2. Stop stirring ;)

    Just realised I'm late the party here: the thread's diverged a bit :)...
  3. Stirring? Moi?
  4. Is the offer of a like bottom still open?
  5. Yes, you...;)
  6. I was merely expressing my wish to accessorize
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  7. Would love to know how hot a 1600 prototype bay runs compared to a late bay with a 1600. I know VW enlarged the engine vents to allow the type4 motor a bit more air but how do the vents effect a 1600?
  8. Too true. They leave very nasty and painful scars!! I can't carry my handbag anymore due to the scar on my shoulder left by a jalousie

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