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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Yes, with the "correct" paint on fibreglass it holds moisture in contact with the fibreglass that causes osmosis to take place across the gelcoat attracted by concentrated pockets of the chemicals that were used to "cure" the resin.(and fire retardants too..)
    The boaty cure is to grind out the pock marks, or even strip the gelcoat with media blasting, pressure wash and steam clean to remove water soluble chemicals, leave to dry, bake with electric heaters, and then fill/coat with epoxy..

    Quick cure, if they have been opened up and rained on for a bit, is to fill the dried out holes with epoxy glue..

    There will be a vinegary smell about if its osmosis.. its one of the things you get when you look at sub £1000 boats from the 1970s they smell vinegary..
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  2. It’s not osmosis on the pop top Mike the gel coat isn’t marked in the slightest.
  3. Got some more sanding done on the pop top IMG_0606.jpeg
    I’ve bought this Chinese battery powered spray gun that takes Dewalt batteries

    I’m going to have a go at spraying the pop top with it
    And see how it goes
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  4. I’m afraid there won’t be much progress or updates this year.
    My heart failure has got rapidly worse and I’ve had to surrender my driving licence for a minimum of six months.
    I’m going into hospital next month for some procedures to see if I’m eligible for a heart transplant.
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    Bloody hell mate - sorry to hear that. Good luck with the tests.
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    Not good fella. Fingers crossed that if you are eligible you don't have a long wait. It is amazing how good the transplant procedures are nowadays. A patient you has become a friend was home within a week after a transplant.
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    Sorry to hear that Para, take it easy.
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  8. Sorry to hear this Para - you need to focus on your own well being for now. Your van will still be there when you get your licence back.
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    That’s a sad thing to read. Good luck Rich x
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    Well....that certainly stopped me in my tracks.

    Buddy, I can only wish you well and hope they give you more positive news.
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    Bloody hell mate, that’s a shocker.

    All the best to you and we both hope something can be sorted out for you. Give Lisa and the girls our love too, they will need it as well.
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    Bloody hell. Good luck with the tests
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  13. Sorry to hear that.

    All the best with everything
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    Bad news that mate, all the best and good luck
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    As with everybody else above, really sorry to hear this and I wish you all the best.
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    That is really bad news, I hope they manage to sort it out fast..
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    Look after yourself Para
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    Sad to hear that, good luck with the test and fingers crossed for an improvement
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  19. eh oop Rich ..
    sorry to hear things have deteriorated,
    you're a tough fella,
    and will do all that you need to,
    hope things get moving for you and the NHS work their magic for you :thumbsup:

    :hug: big hug mate !
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    That's sad news Rich. Try and stay strong and hopefully better news when the tests are done. :hug:
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