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  1. Anyone going to this years Run to The Sun in Newquay? It’s back after 10 years. Hopefully will be back to it’s old roots as an Aircooled VW show but we’ll see.
    I’m going in my early.
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  2. Jules65

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    But I was led to believe that the camping it is actually no where near Newquay.
  3. It’s at St Mawgan, near Newquay airport so only 10mins out of Newquay
  4. Jules65

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    It looks like the venue is a village some 16 miles from Newquay (St Mawgan).
    That makes it a 650 mile round trip for me at an average 55mph and 18 to 20 mpg....... So approximately 6-7 hrs driving each way and around £280 in fuel (at £1.75 per litre) with additional £80 for 2 tickets for the one night/2 day event.
  5. Sproggy4830

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    Dont forget the £3 booking fee for the tickets ,??????
  6. Poptop2

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    And the food
  7. St Mawgan is only about 5 miles out of Newquay, the site for RTTS is right next to Newquay airport. Less than 10mins drive from the old site. Probably not worth the trip if you don’t live in the southwest but as i live in Devon and regularly frequent this area of Cornwall, I thought it would be worth a look. Driving anywhere in an old VW is expensive now with the cost of fuel although the price of unleaded has come down to around 1.45 a litre down here so not as expensive as last summer.
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  8. mikedjames

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    I looked at my figures.. my round trip to the Vee Dub show was 650 miles at 21mpg.. about £240 in motorway petrol... for an hour in a disco, loads of beer and voting for Simon's Daisy in the Show n Shine.. and about £40 of swag. And two sessions of sitting in campers and chatting.
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  9. davidoft

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  10. Are you joining the run? Where are you coming from?
  11. davidoft

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    near Portsmouth, think so, not really looked at the details yet , where are you leaving from
  12. I’m coming from mid Devon. I’ll probably join the run on the A30 at okehampton. It’ll be great to get a bunch of late bay guys to join the run down together.
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  13. scrooge95

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    Wouldn't mind going - not too far for me from the Hampshire/Dorset border... but the music looks pants! ;)
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  14. davidoft

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    bring your ghetto blaster and ELO cassettes
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  15. Ozziedog

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    I’m booked in and rolling from Bristol with some others, possibly five or six of us. Anyone else going from Bristol way???

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,AND,,,here comes SUMMER !!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  16. what time does this leave Bristol?
  17. Ozziedog

    Ozziedog Supporter

    Yet to be arranged, as soon as I know then I’ll let you know.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,Top Top organising there Ozzie :thumbsup:

  18. Yes please Oz - we are heading to west Cornwall on Saturday and don’t wanna get caught up in the RTTS carnage.
    Thanks awfs.
  19. Ozziedog

    Ozziedog Supporter

    Ok, so Saturday, we are meeting up a bit after eight AM and heading to Gordano services to hook up with more and ready to leave at nine AM back on to the M5 all headed towards that long hill with nill pwa run up, what could possibly wrong :thinking:. Other gangs will likely be doing very similar timings :cool:
    Next meeting up will be on the M5 at Sedgmoor services but that won’t be a stopping one bit more of a here we are so come and play type gesture :p

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,And after that,,,,,,, who knows :);):)
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  20. I will see you at Okehampton on the way down

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