Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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    Went down Silverhill Country Park today, it snowed!


    Douglas loved it though

  2. True, unless it was Miniature Heroes. You can eat them. I know I do. Often.
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  3. Started on the IKEA "hack" for an insulating blind ... way to go yet with framing, but ........
    (Roof fitters made a bit of a pig of cutting the headliner in a couple of places, but fixable.)
    It's "honeycomb" and sprung so stays where you leave it
    Being for a house it's long enough to obscure an open tailgate (oo er)
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  4. Plastic ones can't swim...;)
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  5. The guards guarding the “ok it’s enough already “ volcano in the distance. Tazacorte,, la Palma
    Sorry for all the volcano related photos. It’s kind of all I got nowadays


    Plus I’ve been catching up on the tree work. Of course with the volcano in the background. El Paso, La Palma.

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  6. You’re in trouble now…
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  7. You can eat Heroes. For just one day.
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  8. Is it still erupting, or has it calmed down?
  9. It’s still going strong. No Signs of letting up. Last week was a horrible week for the ash.
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  10. Bit more progress on the house resto:
    Last window going in
    Bit of cut and shut from the outside to get rid of the tow rope etc
    We have slates on!
    ... and finally made a start on the main membrane.
    (Insulation foil can only take so much rain and snow :confused:)
    #longerthanPara'sbusresto ...
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  11. I bought a replacement Maltese Cross back light unit for one of my scooters. Me think Chinaman have big confusion with scale........

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  12. Washing machine started cutting out, getting worse with time. Looking at the side of the switch, the neutral pole had got hot and melted the switch body and oxidised the contact.
    One of the other switches was a bit iffy when I pulled the switch away from the wall to check them.
    After 21 years its cheaper to buy a new 4 gang grid switch with the correct switch front panels engraved than dig around eBay for NOS matching Tenby brand switches with random and different styled fronts.

    [Also its less unpleasant to fit a new set of switches than try and clean grease deposits off the old ones]

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  13. It completely dissapeared from any news over here :confused:
  14. Freebie saved from the scrap!

    Deduced it's an Evergreen Stoves, model - Poplar ST0406 (Evergreen Stoves no longer trading). Just needs a new grate which I've already ordered, glass and new rope seals. Gotta be a bargain for £0.00 :thumbsup:
  15. They'll be banned shortly.
  16. Like to see them try, too many households out in the sticks with little or no affordable alternative.
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  17. hailfrank

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    Got this from one of those free print on line jobbies. Just paid postage

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  18. I know, I've got one installed and had two in our last house. They've already banned the use of wet wood and normal coal after calculating that they create a disproportionate amount of domestic pollution.

    It will be but a matter of time.
  19. hailfrank

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    £2 including postage?
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  20. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    If anyone wants the design drop me a pm and I’ll email it to you

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