Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. About a fiver, took about 2 weeks to make it's way from China, then popped through the letterbox today - that was the first indication that it was a tad smaller than an original one...... It's about 50mm square.
    I might buy another and give them to Mrs P as earrings for her Christmas present.
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    This is a Highland Copperhead (Austrelaps ramsayi) and it is venomous. They are quite lethargic and not aggressive snakes and aren't cause for concern if you come across one. This guy was lazing in the sun on our driveway near a creek crossing.

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  3. That's awfully generous of you. Do you plan on a quiet 25th ;)
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  4. Yes.
    Beans on toast.

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  5. Joking aside, it is a chromed alloy, not plastic and it comes pre-fitted with an LED array with separate wired circuits for the rear and stop lights. There is no way the manufacturing industry here could compete with that, so China really does have us over a noodle barrel.

    If it works that is........
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    Finding a farm 5 o’clock Monday morning
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  7. Looking AWAY from the building for a change ... Phone camera not up to the job ... Have to zoom to get anywhere near the right colours and exposure


  8. Was your head in ...Where to turn around mode left and right ..Malc
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    No mate I know the area reasonably well.
  10. Digital zoomed again but worth it for the colours
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  11. Yamaha E1010 analogue delay 10 euros ... works fine. Needs tlc .

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  12. Why?
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    why not?

    is this a sock account of Zed’s?
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

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  15. You mean you haven’t got the joke yet?
  16. No sorry I can see the reflection but not the funny bit may need some help
  17. Look at the 4th floor of windows. There’s a picture across 3 windows on that floor / stuck on the glass
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