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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. It's all stone chipped and had wax oil in nasty places !! Just were I kept jacking it up in the resto ect mate
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  2. whaaaaaat!!!!! ok you may have a point, everytime i touch mine a little bit more of the wheatabix falls off.
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  3. snotty

    snotty Sponsor

    You do appear to have a Duralite toaster, tho'. All the best people have them ;)
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  4. snotty

    snotty Sponsor

    Devon furniture was actually made from Shredded Wheat. Never fill your van with hot milk.
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  5. sorry your shredded wheat, the bits that fall off are too small so can only be wheatabix, on the plus side no room left for milk when the rum, whisky and wine are in.....
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  6. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    Just treated Chip to one of these ready for fitting next week. Love the serviceability of batteries with cell caps;)
    075 starter 570 CCA & 5 yr guarantee.
  7. Bought her back from the garage...lovely drive... Now the bets start for the next "moment"....
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  8. Passed the MOT today with no advisories :D and a nice "it's not too bad is it" comment from the tester. :chewie:
  9. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    The trick is to paint Weetabix with epoxy resin which soaks in and converts it to something with attitude rather than something you can file to shape with a fingertip.
  10. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    And the other day I had sort of the opposite of a breakdown when the throttle jammed about half open..

    The choke linkage wire popped out and swung under the throttle end stop screw.
    Had to drive along blipping the ignition on and off and kangarooing along ..
    until I could get to a quieter bit of road and stop to reconnect it.

    I fixed it by using some of my champagne cork wire to replace a tiny pin that had fallen out.

  11. In retrospect I should have tidied the kitchen a bit first before taking that shot.
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  12. snotty

    snotty Sponsor

    Feel no shame. You should see ours...
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  13. Your domestics are obviously uncomfortable with you lingering in the Kitchen area otherwise you'd know the toaster was a Dualit not a Duralite. :hattip:
  14. snotty

    snotty Sponsor

    You're right! Normally the staff only go in the kitchen - I've no idea what they do in there, working class things I assume.

    Dualit are fine pieces of British engineering (assuming they're not made in China these days). I've been eyeing up an ivory one in John Lewis...
  15. The Memsahib is muttering about our current unit, brand X (her choice) one more grumble and careful use of a screwdriver will ensure its trip to the scrap heap.
    I would add that things here are a little more"liberal" and provide I cough loudly before entering the portals of below stairs there is little fuss made.
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  16. We've got one of them Dualit toaster things, to be honest I think it's carp at making toast
  17. Mines ace. You can get new elements for them if they are getting weak or irregular
  18. snotty

    snotty Sponsor

    Go for're spoilt for choice..


    <edit> Don't go for the chrome one. If it sits anywhere near cooking, it ends up looking like your bus crankcase. I've actually scrubbed ours with Autosol, I'm that sad. We now have a shiny toaster, but the toast tastes vaguely of chrome cleaner :confused:...
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  19. Today I played with my new twin 40 hpmx carbs. My balancer arrived on Thursday so today was the day. I followed the online video from empi and guess what.

    It now runs great and is not at all flatulent. No popping and farting.
    The funny squeak it made at idle that embarrassed me driving through Lakeland villages last week has gone and it picks up far better than it did before.
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  20. Took a full vans worth of crap to the tip, managed to bottom the exhaust out on the bloody speed humps there.

    Still a nice trip out with some greats looks of people. :)
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