What you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bulletooth, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Chrisd

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    and now for something completely different - Carpenters, Crescent Moon
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  2. Brilliant
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  4. Zed

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    found it on youtube so you can watch the lady spinning the records.
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  6. Zed

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  8. nicktuft

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    I sometimes feel I'm cosseted and live in cotton wool world.
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  9. Norris

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    Just got back from seeing these at the NIA. Andy's still got a good voice on him

    (Guilty pleasure)

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  10. I played this and a few other of his songs the other night while I was chilling in the hot tub.
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  11. Dazza

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  12. Sproggy4830

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    SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT, http://radio.garden/listen/variety-oldies-radio/BZL7sngt
    For radio fans, listen live around the world, opens a new webpage?

    https://radiooooo.com/ what type of music listened to given a decade , around the world, once webpage opens choose continue in basic mode, then click onto various bits on the page to suit what you want , zoom in and out to see more
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  17. They are the thinnest surgical gloves I have ever seen…
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  18. Wallop
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  19. Can't leave this alone at the mo...
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