Why are vw camper shows entry fee so expensive

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Robbie p, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Been looking at busfeast tickets online only going one day, a Saturday ticket entry fee is 20 four of us going plus fuel £100 before I’ve entered, it was 15 last year a five pound hike, Sunday 15 but I cannot make it. I spoke to some of the smaller vendors who say it to expensive to trade, it’s great show well run I wish it was cheaper, other shows this year the entry fee stayed the same so I’m unsure this year
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  2. Busfest has always been expensive - one of the main reasons we havent been for around 4 years
    Many other shows about that are much more reasonable
  3. DubCat

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    Should be free for Historic Vehicles in my opinion - they are what make any show.
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  4. I did want some parts but the little vendors won’t be there and the ones that are will charge more to cover the cost it’s a shame because it 25years of the show
  5. Just talking to a food vendor that has done shows fa 18 years and he said it’s getting so expensive for pitches and jumped up H&S pilocks are making it so painful both logistically and to be able to even make enough money too survive , especially for full timers . Smaller vintage shows can be better . Can remember paying £10 for three days camping and entry to show not so many years ago . It’s the money /H&S , grabbing that’s going to crucify it before long by councils etc .
  6. Poptop2

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    It’s the modern vehicle scene. Before the T4’s/ polos etc the aircooled scene was still quite small and affordable.

    Not knocking the modern dubs, but the scene has increased 10 fold since they became part of it and prices accordingly.

    I own two watercoolled dubs and am part of that scene btw
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  7. i dont think shows are tooooo unreasonable when you take into account what you get. if you are staying all weekend there is stuff on throughout the day, plus evening entertainment isnt cheap plus the basics like toilets etc.
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  8. I go to a lot of classic car shows and country fayres during the summer, some are one day only but some are all weekend and offer camping on site for a small charge. These shows, like the nearby Laughton Show in East Sussex are a lot of fun and I see lots of vw owners camping as well as showing. Country shows are great fun and offer a wide variety of exhibits including steam engines, tractors, bikes, farming stuff, horses and much more.

    Exhibitors go free of charge plus a small fee if camping .

    I will be going to Laughton in September and the Festival of transport at Hellingly later this month.

    I have booked Brighton Breeze this year at £46 early advance, but £51 per van after tomorrow, that is pretty steep charge.
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    Its not just the price of the tickets though is it? it the price of the ticket,then add an handling charge of around £2.50 per ticket, also some shows are charging separate on top of the ticket price for each vehicle (£20)
    Handling charge? most shows you need to print off the tickets yourself, so no physical handling and putting in a envelope and posting involved....so what handling are they charging for ?
    charging for each vehicle, that's simply a complete rip off , i bet next year they will charge for awnings or canopy's.
    Traders....THEY SHOULD BE 100% FREE TO STAND AND TRADE, If it wasn't for the traders there wouldn't be a show (i know some go for the music and other things )

    I agree with poptop that the prices of the tickets arnt too bad considering what you do get,but as above its all the added charges, and the high cost to trade that spoils things
    (i am not a trader)
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  10. Baysearcher

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    So who pays the running costs if visitors should be practically free and traders should be free?
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  11. bigger the show more power, lighting, insurance, loos, security etc they need.
  12. :eek:
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  13. exactly! and then there's paying for the take-down and clear-up....
  14. The bar takings pay fa that :D
  15. The problem is if the costs are to expensive for vendors ,and visitors and people showing there vans to enter the show, there is no show. I don’t expect a free show but a 5 pound hike £80 for 4 adults for a one day entry is expensive.
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  16. a lot of bars are traders.... but licences need to be paid for too. events are an expensive doo
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  17. I know I’m old n remember when stuff were cheap too ,that’s trubble when you get old n wise:D
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  18. elf n safety innit! a lot of ground prep/surveys before even putting things on sites. making sure lighting etc secured properly and genny's and fuel bowsers have 24/7 operational support... all costs. but if people will insist on going to things and coming back alive...:rolleyes::D
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    It's the world over ..The west show here were charging kids £5 for four minutes on a trampoline.
    It's a short season as they say.
  20. a fiver!:eek: get them spacehoppers! :thumbsup:
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