Why are vw camper shows entry fee so expensive

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Robbie p, Aug 15, 2018.

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    Bugjam price wasn't per vehicle last time I went a few years ago.

    I think you are mistaken
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    If we were to go to a show for a full weekend camping it would be in the T2 and most probably towing the teardrop and with an awning. A breakdown of some shows at present is as follows with me and the wife, an 18yr old daughter and 14yr old son.

    VW Action (£37 per adult for weekend camping (child is free)), £116 with booking fee and postage

    Bug Jam (£70 per adult (son included)) £285 with booking fee and postage

    Busfest (£50 per adult) £170 (unsure if booking fee included)

    Camper Jam (£48 per adult) £191.50 (unsure if booking fee and postage included)

    Camper Calling (£99 per adult, £45 per child, £20 for van and £20 for trailer) £382 (unsure if booking fee and postage included)
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  3. Shouldn't we consider the value of the entertainment when we get there?
    Dubs int Dales / Skeg Vegas (the events we have been to most recently) have bands on both Fri & Sat night. As a family with teenage kids, where else can we enjoy a festival atmosphere, have a beer or two and enjoy the likes of Atomic Sheffield (80s tribute band).
    For us, it allows quality family time with no tech and shows the girls that Mum and even Dad were young once and knew how to have a good time. I'd say that was priceless but I'm from Yorkshire so the less outlay the better

    P.S. We did price up Chris Evans' car show which would have been £1000 for the weekend.......Aw much!
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  4. I may well be mistaken. Straight up, I thought it was reasonably priced, now I can't remember costs so I looked at
    https://bugjam.co.uk/forms/BugJam2019Bookingform.pdf £70
    https://bugjam.co.uk/tickets.php £70

    neither states per individual and I'm more than happy to be wrong.

    Last year we took 5 adults to Leeds festival in two latebays and that cost £216pp, + £90 per camper, upon reflection I'm not sure which was better value for money, other than Leeds was 26Deg C
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    I had an advanced early entry ticket for bug jam last year for approx 60quid.

    Not bad value for 3 nights camping & entertainment.

    I didn't go as I went to the Netherlands in my bus instead
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  6. you need to find some different shows, for example, Viva Skeg Vegas is £35 per adult and kids under 14 are free, Carry on Dubbin is cheap too and also Gathering off the Hill, all smaller shows but i think better than the mainstream ones (these 3 also have the added bonus of Poptopkitchen!!)

    And doing early bird booking normally gets you an extra 5er or so off. most booking fees for smaller shows are to cover the website fees that is doing the tickets. eventbrite etc. bigger shows that charge 2.50 etc etc are proabbly doing it to cover the cost of postage of tickets and the like
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  7. I'll have a mooch up to Volksworld to see a few people - tbh it's only up the road . It's a great reminder of why I avoid such occasions one lap around and I'm bored.

    I don't go to VW events or shows but don't mind spunking out a few quid for something a bit different such as a vintage weekend.
    Much more fun but I do miss the drum an bass at 4am ....

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    Shush !!!! Don’t tell everyone about the Vintage Nostalgia weekend

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  9. I didn`t ;)

    Other weekends are available , just not at the moment :(

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    Yes I noticed

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  11. Back to the original question , they're expensive because people like you are prepared to pay ...
    If you think it's too expensive tell the organisers and find something better to do . I'd sooner sit in a field camping than give someone money to walk around , drink flat overpriced beer and pay a tenner to eat
    I really don't see the point of 'VW shows' , nothing really interests me but each to their own ...

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