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  1. Overkill really. All you really want to know is that there is an earth connection and the polarity is correct. Test your rcd by use of the test button and if your having a periodic inspection the leccy should test the rcd with his tester
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  3. they are good quick test on site but u need to check your rcd trips in times according to IEE regs. maybe something at a techenders as bet no one can test theirs.
  4. Bet i can! Lol.
  5. ok a few of us can but most still rely on hook ups rcd s wotking
  6. What's the latest wisdom on this subject, buy an all in one unit like a Sargent or get an RCB and all the other bits and use a CTEK charger?

    I guess I could be asking is how does the charger in these all-in-one systems compare with a CTEK, which are really great?

    I don't mind spending the money as safety is paramount when dealing with electrikery.

  7. Personally I prefer the seperate RCB consumer unit and charger. Easy to mount the units out of the way and easier to replace seperate units in case of failure.
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  8. Did you/do you isolate the CTEK's output with a separate relay? So that it isn't connected to the leisure battery circuit if the 230v mains is off? The relay would be energized by the mains being powered. Or doesn't the CTEK seem to care that it is connected to the alternator when the engine is on?
  9. [​IMG]not sure if this helps

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  10. No, it doesn't matter if the Ctek is still connected whilst not being powered by the mains.
    If the Ctek is disconnected from the battery then you have to reset it each time to the charging mode, if it is left connected to the battery it will restart charging automatically when the mains is connected. Only problem is the Ctek uses a small amount of current to monitor the battery when switched off so if leaving for extended periods fit a battery disconnect or charge the battery regularly.
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  11. Thanks, yes, what do you have connected into the car fuse panel? I assume you have the CTEK on one of the breakers and the 13A circuit on the other, right?
  12. The car fusebox connects all the 12v accessories to the leisure battery including the Ctek output.
    I use a 6A MCB for powering the Ctek and a 10A MCB for the plug sockets. That way you shouldn't be able to overload the site supply bollard.

    I haven't finnished this one yet but similar to Pauls. Dscn0812 cropped.jpg
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  13. Great, thanks!

  14. Where did you get the C-PAK Garage CU from?

  15. Basically every thing that’s feed from the leisure battery , as in Lights , volt meter , usb points , water pump and 12v plug points.
    Sorry haven’t got any up to date pics

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  16. Hey @lowie, did you ever find that "blue plug" that fitted into the US outlet on your Westy? I'm on the same hunt. If not what did you do?

  17. I've been thinking about doing something similar and have been looking at these
    Used other of their products and found them sturdy, I think they may be small enough to be fitted in the original inlet panel, at present mine has a schuko connector.

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