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  1. Neutrik is good stuff. Were you thinking of the NAC3MPX, 16A 250VAC?


    The only minor drawback is hole in my US outlet is 39mm dia the NAC3MPX is 26mm. At least the size is in the right direction... i.e. smaller, I could very possibly making up a mounting plate to sit inside the original housing and hold the connector.

    Edit: The MPA version also looks interesting, it is rated at bit higher, 20Amps, so bigger safety margin, and is blue, rather than yellow; the blue is minor point but it does follow convention.

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  2. Yes the yellow bit is a bit 110V I wonder what they were thinking. There is a "top1" variant which has better waterproofing I wondered if that would be more appropriate (sitting in a pub at the moment no further information to hand)
    I'll have another look tomorrow
  3. I found a seller that offers this consumer unit populated with a 6A and 10A MCB . I asked if the MCB's were double pole, this was the answer...
    Does that tally with you've observed when wiring one of these up @Bigherb ?

  4. No that’s single pole Mcbs you want double pole mcbs

    Single way Double pole mcbs are quite hard to get as the are not widely used in this country on domestic electrics
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  5. That's what I thought! But I just wanted to double check, C-PAK obviously does both single pole + neutral and double pole MCBs. Clearly some sellers are, unwittingly perhaps, selling single pole + neutral version as being suitable for caravans etc.
  6. OK, hm....what's going on? Are these C-PAK MCBs actually all single pole + neutral rather than double pole? Have a look at the zoomed in image@matty... bit fuzzy but that looks like the switch is only on live. Would they be double the width slots, if they were actually double pole?

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  7. Come to think of it, I'm not certain I have ever seen a double pole MCB that didn't take up two slots, I was kinda expecting something like like this...but hoping the C-PAK unit would be more compact, taking up only one slot.

  8. Isn't it just the incoming that needs double pole?

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  9. double pole will be double width. You won't get them in single width.
    Not sure why you would need them if all of your breakers have RCD protection.
  10. Agreed on the double width, no double pole I have found is only a single slot. I will have to check the regs again about which needs to be double pole and what doesn't.
  11. mcb double pole single width.jpg
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  12. Is that double pole or single pole with a neutral pass through? The diagram should show. To be honest, it looks similar to C-PAK one, be great if I was it was a double pole.
  13. That was just a random pic off eBay. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t buy single pole MCBs here (France), they are all double pole single slot.
  14. They are single pole with through neutral. Never seen any leisure systems with twin pole MCB's. MCB's are only for overload protection any faults should be handled by the twin pole RCD.
  15. Ah, thought they might be pass thru neutral :( As I understand it, the regs require and double pole MCB, don't they? That's why the likes of JK sell a double pole MCB CU.
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  16. It might be worth reading the first post in this thread. Specifically, this:

    A RCD rated at 30ms must be provided that disconnects both live and neutral poles and the test button must be tested each time you hook up.

    Each circuit is to have a correctly rated MCB that also disconnects both line and neutral.

    This issue comes up a lot as most kits sold do not comply so I will quote direct from the regs Bs 7671 17th iee wiring regs. Special location 721 electrical installations in caravans and motor caravans
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  17. Right, to sum up.

    A double pole MCB is required by the regs.

    A single pole plus neutral pass thru doesn't satisfy the regs as only live is switched.

    Thus far, all single slot MCB with two connections found online appear to be switched live with a neutral pass thru, these aren't suitable as they are not double pole.
  18. That seems to sum it up and I apologise for posting a pic of a pass through negative MCB. Got me thinking of my bus and I’ll check it today because I use it where sometimes the site hook-up leave a little to be desired.
    IMG_4825 (Medium).JPG
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  19. I’ve checked mine and it is as I thought, knew actually, I listened to @matty and changed the single pole MCBs that were initially fitted.

    A four slot Wylex box with two slots used for the RCD and a double pole MCB in each of the other two slots. I only use one MCB (for a battery charger), everything is 12v and I don’t have a 240v socket, but it’s there if I need it.

    Incidentally I didn’t use that hook-up^ even though it was free.
  20. Don't blame you! Perhaps with thick rubber gloves wellies on it might have been a bit safer. :eek:

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