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  1. Have an adventure - that's what camping's about.
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  2. Holy Marmitee!
  3. WP_20190112_09_32_21_Pro.jpg WP_20190112_09_33_27_Pro.jpg WP_20190112_09_33_52_Pro.jpg

    I am pretty happy with the way this turned out, fits nicely in the original Westfalia housing where a commando socket/plug combo is way too large.

    The plug and socket are rated to 250V AC and 20 Amps. The part uses UL, cUL recognized components, VDE certified, and is SEV approved.
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  4. The middle picture? If yes, that's the original Westy inlet that comes out of the side of the bus.

    I did have a shot of the inside, but it wasn't very clear what it was, so I deleted it, perhaps that's what you were thinking of?
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  5. The 125 volt transformer?
  6. Initially I posted an image of the inside of the power inlet, its blue on the outside but light grey on the inside (original colour of the bus) but it wasn't very clear what you were looking at, so to avoid confusion, I deleted it.

    To be clear, this projects it to replace all the old 120v stuff with modern 240v hookup equipment.

    On my US bus, the original spec AC inlet housing is too small to house a commando plug/socket, but I didn't want to make a hole in the van when it already has one. Nor did I want anything too modern in appearance, like the plastic things you see for sale.

    So, I needed to find a suitable plug/socket arrangement that could be housed in the original power inlet.

    This locking plug/socket combo is used in stage and theater work to hook together mains between appliances, its 250VAC rated up to 20A and is about half the diameter of a commando plug.

    The remainder of the leisure electrics is a a double pole consumer unit and battery charger plus a twin 13A UK socket.
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  7. Ah, I was confused with it being plugged into a 110-125v unit which I assume you are ditching.
    Why not do a separated thread showing your solution to the US Westy stuff as Matty's 'how to' is general advice for do's and dont's regardless of what camper conversion the bus is.
    I'd certainly be interested and it'll be easier to bookmark your progress and recommendations...:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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