70’s car accessories

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    green or blue sun visor strips.

    Halford’s stick on rear screen heater.

    8ff fibreglass aerials

    All fitted to Barry Haynes’s 1600e maybe?

    Anything I’ve missed?
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  2. I saw a blue sun visor strip with “ME” and “WOR LASS” printed on it. Made me laugh but not as much as the brick layer near me who had “SAND” and “CEMENT”
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  3. I never leave home without my magnetic, dash-top pipe carrier.

  4. I fitted a few of those stick on heated screens back in the day. I think Smiths made them. Came as a kit with relay and illuminated switch
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  5. The guys at Longstone Tyres ( the one that pops up on Car Sos ) used to have a car with the same sun visor in their magazine adds.
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  6. Richard Grant body kit fitted with isopon
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    So classy!
  8. Poptop2

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    8 track player
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  9. Illuminated back axle on jacked up mk3 cortina
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  10. Anyone remember Carlos Fandango's...?
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    Something to do with wide wheels?
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  12. Very very frightening
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  14. And cigar's :D

    (If I remember, rightly)

    Edit, I'd forgotten about "six appeal", they should get the golden coat award.

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  15. You lot :rolleyes::)
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  16. A bank of Hella fog lights on the front of my '69 Mini Cooper. One on the back too so I could annoy tailgaiters.
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  17. Wooden bead seat covers !
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    Surprised no one has mentioned a sun roof or vinyl roofing kit!
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  19. 4FB42895-503E-441E-9976-67694206761A.jpeg

    who needs a heated rear screen when you have a LOUVRE???

    (said in Clarkson styleee)

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