70’s car accessories

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  1. name of my bus

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    Got them on my bus! :D
  2. Rear fog lamp
    Wipac sentinel.jpg

    Or reverse lamp

    Or my favourite. The dualight combined for and reverse lamp. As endorsed my Jackie Stewart. :cool:

    2020-01-17 12.12.12.jpg
  3. Electronic ignition (though this is from right at the end of the 70s).
    2018-12-29 15.45.13.jpg

    Works well though.
    2019-11-04 15.41.14.jpg

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  4. I wasn’t born until 85 but will add what I remember my neighbour had in their montego from when I was young.


    worked on a little hand held pump thing to make his trousers go up and down.
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  5. Soggz

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  6. Ozziedog

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    Most cars that I owned back then, mostly Brit stuff, didn’t have hazard warning lights, but you could pop up to the local Bitz Z Cars or similar and get a kit to fix that with a switch that lit up tooooo :D
    Cal Custom was an American company I’m assuming that did a lot of higher end ? custom accessories, not sure if they were too famous in the UK. Their Klaxons were extremely loud as was their Bull horn and Colonel Bogey. Their air horn set up on the expensive set would play the French thingy and Coo Karacha and Colonel Bogey. Lots of very fancy air filter set ups and side pipes and zoorst parts like cherry bombs and straight through boxes and a muffler with a half a dozen pipes out the back. Every catalog had wheels all around a U.S. mag theme and seats like your car was entering Daytona, much like Paddy Hopkirk stuff. The one that I saved up for for ages was the electric window kit that you fitted over the window winder and I put a pair of these on my 64 EH Holden station wagon. You could also get Louvre blinds for the back window and the rear seat windows. In Australia , one of the prized accessories was on most ( not new) cars, was a bonnet mascot, a bit like jag fitted, but you’d find everything from an Arab head with headdress to a horse jumping a fence to something along the Rolls Royce lines and everything in between. But the most popular accessories back in the day in Oz for the station wagons and most panel vans was the air deflectors that fitted either above the tail gate or one on each side of the rear pillars, usually in ally or stainless. These beauties allowed anybody to drive along with the tailgate open and not get choked by dust, they reckon they stopped the flys and mozzies too. Retailers obviously didn’t recommend this and advertised them as keeping the dust of the back of the Station Wagon;)
    Roo bars were a big thing back then but mainly in the rural areas, the Brits had similar but called them Bull Bars possibly because of the shortage of Roos around here. :thumbsup: Surf bars were extremely popular in Oz for some obscure reason ;):cool:;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,I’ll think of loads later on :)
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  7. Jack Tatty

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    No mention of nodding dogs I see….
  8. Someone round here has a Holden Sandman. A proper 70s throwback machine with shag carpet, CB radio, porthole windows in the side and multicoloured metallic paint with a surfing mural down each side.
    Its so uncool its cool. :cool:
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  9. What sort of year were furry dice hanging off the mirror a thing? 70s or 80s?
  10. Plastic Jesus

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  11. Soggz

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  12. JamesLey

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    Better than a chocolate Jesus.
  13. No but I remember painting one when I was a kid . They come in uncolored plastic .
    These things were everywhere too..
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  14. I don't care if it rains or freezes,
    As long as I got my plastic Jesus
    Sittin' on the dashboard of my car.

    Comes in colors pink and pleasant,
    Glows in the dark cause he's iridescent
    Take him with you when you travel far.

    Get yourself a sweet Madonna
    Dressed in rhinestones sittin' on a
    Pedestal of abalone shell.

    Going ninety I ain't scary
    Cause I got the Virgin Mary
    Assurin' me that I won't go to Hell.

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  15. Fruitcake

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    When I was a teenager my first car was a Hillman Imp and to look uber cool I slid switch extensions over the toggle switches on the the dash for the lights and wipers. Coming back from the pub throught the lanes one night with a couple of mates I was switching the lights off as I came up to the bends to see if anything was coming the other way. On one of the bends the switch extension flipped off and I couldn't find the switch, I ended up hitting a tree stump and ploughing through a field before rolling it and ending upside down. Fortunately it cured me of my bad habit :oops:

    download (1).jpg
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  16. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    And an 8 track god I loved that car
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  17. snotty

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    An Indian mate of mine used to have a light-up Ganesh on his dash. You plugged it into the cigarette lighter. (Other Hindu gods are available).
  18. nicktuft

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    Period dualight from me as well. A genuine Hella example. Also a reserve Hella fog light and three way fog switch. All gradually collected over the years.

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  19. I had those on the 2 switches on my Mini. I thought they looked dead cool :thumbsup:
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  20. Poptop2

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    Centre console anyone?

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